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Why Maintenance is important
News Tips&Tricks | February 18, 2020

Why Maintenance is important

Are you a long-haul operator and considering the ease of service while on the road? Can repairs be made by any tarp or trailer shop? How about those covered by warranty; can you get the work done on the road or do you have to return to the manufacturing facility?

MATS 2020 is almost here

MATS 2020 is almost here

News | January 27, 2020
It's almost that time again, the Mid America Truck Show is almost here! What does that mean? It means there is time for all new deals not just on our cargo control but also on our systems as well.
Keep Your System Working in the Winter

Keep Your System Working in the Winter

News Tips&Tricks | January 8, 2020
When trucking for a living, the winter months can not only be the most dangerous but also be the most hazardous for your tarping system. In order to alleviate any possible issues you might face on the road, we thought...
Make Money While You're Down

Make Money While You're Down

News Tips&Tricks | December 30, 2019
The best way to make money while still having your flatbed maintained, patched, repaired or otherwise 'down' is to schedule runs in between your hauls. One thing many newer drivers don't realize is that the best way to keep themselves moving is to schedule pickups or drop-offs where their regular maintenance or fixes are needed.
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