Matrox® and Polystone® lining systems from Tarpstop provide affordable non-stick surfaces that stand up to the most extreme lining conditions. These products deliver a self-lubricating, impact-resistant polymer with mechanical properties that make them ideal for most lining applications. The low surface eliminates load sticking, providing an even load release during every dump cycle and reducing wash-out times. Tarpstop lining systems will help protect your fleet from dangerous tipovers by reducing dump angles by up to 40%. Expect longer service life from your brakes, hydraulics and bed when using our liner.

Whether you're hauling dirt, mulch, stone, or asphalt, you are guaranteed to have an easier time unloading with our liners. Our liners come with a polymer application that proves not only to be lightweight, but also more durable than most steel and aluminum liner applications. Our liners are available in 3/8" and 1/2" thicknesses and have a seamless, continuous length along the body. Call one of our locations today to get a quote on your new liner.

We have more than several options to choose from in order to best suit the material that you are hauling. Call today with your specs and we'll make it happen!

*Liners are Not Available for FREE SHIPPING