EZ-Slide Cable Tarping System

For Dump Bodies and Trailers

Covering your load is quick and easy with the EZ-SLIDE Cable Tarp System from Tarpstop! The system is designed to operate completely from the ground, so there's no need for climbing on the load. Just crank your tarp shut and you're back on the road. Or with our electric drive option, just flip a switch in the cab to cover and uncover the load without leaving your seat! Our system uses extra-strong steel bows that glide on cables with plastic glides to allow smooth and easy operation. Special brackets engage the tarp to prevent wind from lifting the tarp while in use, and cable tension is easily adjusted using our adjustable rear idler pullies. We manufacture our tarps from heavy-duty fabrics. Just choose a mesh or vinyl tarp depending on your application. A polished aluminum wind deflector is included for protection of the tarp and an attractive installation.

30' Trailer Kit Includes:
Manual Crank
Bows (12) 
Sets of Clips (2) 
Wind Deflector and Mesh Tarp with Tail

18' Dump Body Includes: 
Manual Crank
Bows (7) 
Sets of Wind Clips (1) 
Vinyl Tarp with Tail

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