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FastSlide Cable System

Introducing the FastSlide™ by Tarpstop, the latest innovation for our slide tarp systems. The FastSlide™ was made to fit the needs of our customers, coming in three different configurations: Manual, Motor Only, and Combo Drive. Each option offers the ability to open and close quickly and easily and is water-tight. The FastSlide™ is also versatile and easy to maintain; the bows and corner brackets can be used with 94” or 102” lengths. Bows are universal for top finishing or side finishing tarps and can be removed with one bolt. At Tarpstop, we’re committed to innovative solutions for our valued customers and providing them with the best service in the industry.


  • Crank is smaller, slimmer and folds down for easy use
  • Crank can be set at an infinite number of positions and lock down rather than limited positions


  • Features a motor clutch option 
  • Adjust tension with clutch slip
  • Extends motor life


  • Motor and Manual operating ability
  • System can be overridden in 10 seconds
  • Override system without disengaging motor
  • Release lever at bottom of system


For the best fit, we prefer to make FastSlide Cable systems to fit your trailer measurements. Just call for assistance with measuring your trailer or fill out the form to have a sales team member get back to you right away.


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