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Smoke Tarp with Fitted Corners

Smoke Tarp with Fitted Corners

Bow Curtain Tarp

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LBS: 8  Size: Various  Type: 18oz Heavy Duty Vinyl

Our Bow Curtain is fitted to either a 15" or 30" Sidekit Bow. It will hang to the floor to cover the cargo.

Coil Tarps are designed for Coils on your flatbed. Coil Tarps help keep steel coils securely mounted with flatbed coil bags. The Coil Tarps are made of heavy-duty 18 ounce vinyl coated tarps to secure any size load you might be carrying. Coil Tarps includes reinforced stitching resulting in hems are sturdy enough to give you the strength you need to secure your load without fear of tears in the fabric. Coil Tarps are made to withstand the stress of tightening your chain and they hold up to the inevitable rubbing and chaffing that occur when securing your load.

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