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24' x 27' Machinery Tarp

24' x 27' Machinery Tarp

30' x 30' Machinery Tarp

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LBS: 153  Size: 30' x 29'6"  Type: 18oz Heavy Duty Fabric

With grommets on the hem of the tarp, this machine tarp has Dee Rings every 30", 60", 90", and 120" on its length and width. The tarp also comes with the option to add a 6' end flap with Dee Rings. We put #4 brass grommets all around the hem plus several rows of dee rings sewn every 24" under continuous rows of 2" seatbelt webbing and spaced 30 inches apart above the edge (hem) on all 4 sides of the tarp.

"Machinery Tarps" are best for covering large irregular sized loads such as manufacturing equipment. Machine tarps are usually at least 24' wide and 30' Long so they will cover a large machine with one tarp. End flaps are optional depending on user preference and size of the loads being hauled. Since it's usually impossible to determine in advance what size is needed, it's best to get a large rectangular tarp that can be turned sideways for different configurations. Lots of Dee Rings Tiedowns are recommended. If in doubt order an extra set of dee rings on your tarp and carry plenty of padding material to help with tarp tie-down on odd sized-loads.

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