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Smoke Tarp with Fitted Corners

Smoke Tarp with Fitted Corners

Flat Smoke Tarp

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LBS: 28  Size: 12' x 10'  Type: 18oz Heavy Duty Vinyl

Cover the upper front of a flatbed load, keeping it free from dust and soot resulting from its close proximity to exhaust smoke. These also protect your cargo from road kickups and other debris. Lengthen the life of your smoke tarp by padding the edges of your load and tightly tying down the tarp itself using integrated D-rings and grommets. Color options are black, red, and blue.

Smoke tarps are designed to secure the front of your flatbed load and keep it free from dust, smoke or soot. A smoke tarp (also sometimes called a nose tarp) is smaller and more square than a regular steel or lumber flatbed truck tarp, as it's designed to cover the top front of a load. Made out of 18 ounce heavy duty vinyl, smoke tarps can be flat or fitted; fitted options generally have a boxed in top to help secure the tarp around the edges of the load, while flat ones are a simple rectangle that can be folded over the edges of the cargo.

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