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  1. First Rate Finance Visits Tarpstop

    Last week Jason Acord from First Rate Finance took a trip out to Tarpstop to educate the Sales team on all of the amazing options for financing that First Rate Finance has to offer.  We originally began working with FRT back in April and found that it was something that we couldn't pass up.  Back in April we

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  2. Creative Ways to Store your Straps

    Every trucker knows that storage on his or her flatbed is something they keep in the forefront of their mind. Sometimes the most troublesome thing to deal with is where to store excess straps, especially if they are the smaller kind. Although holding on to straps you may not be using right now may seem like excess, it's always better to be able to be sure your load is securely tightened then have an accident on the road. Here at Tarpstop we've looked

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  3. Follow up on The Right Direction

    Recently Tarpstop had a chance to work with The Right Direction and help with creating the rain tarps that would be used in conjunction with their ramps and jumps. We were overjoyed with the result since this turned out to be one of the projects where you could actually see the effects of what we built in action with the children.

    "The Right Direction

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  4. 'Diverging Diamond' Begins Work

    Today began the official work on the state route 'Diverging Diamond' Interchange through Wood County. It is important that when traveling to keep in mind that SR 25 between Eckel Junction Road and Jefferson Street, will be reduced to one lane due to bridge work. The project is slated to be complete in October should schedule and weather permit. In mid-July, the ramp from southbound I-475 to SR 25 will be closed for about 5 weeks. 


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  5. Roadcheck 2017 and How to Survive

    June 6th through 8th is sure to be an interesting time. The CVSA will be conducting its 30th annual International Roadcheck. Make sure that all your tags are properly showing their load limits and that everything is strapped down correctly. They will be checking everything from brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft, exhaust systems and more. This year the CVSA will have a heavy focus on cargo securement. That was

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  6. How to Maintain Your Ratchet Strap

    Some of the most dependable securement straps to use when transporting cargo are Ratchet Straps. Unfortunately, due to sharp corners and constant rubbing these straps are usually some of the first items that need to be replaced. However, with proper care and minimal effort, a well-made ratchet strap can be utilized for years. Below are a few tips that we have put together on how to maintain your

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