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  1. Tarpstop Presents New Fastrak Feature

    To say thank you, Tarpstop is kicking off 2022 with the introduction of Driven to Deliver, a pledge of Tarpstop’s commitment to the American Trucker.

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  2. When to Upgrade Your System

    Sometimes it's tough to know when it's time to make the investment into yourself and get a tarping system that is designed to help you make more money. With so many new truckers coming onto the scene there are so many questions they may ask themselves but this one is a common one. We would like to help with some of the questions that circle that topic.

    Throw tarping can be an exhaustive and time consuming process. You may find that you are starting to turn down one or two loads because of the time it might take covering, uncovering and tying everything down. This time could have been saved by simply rolling your whole system open and latching down your haul. This is a common issue for drivers and one of the best indicators that you are ready to start earning more.

    One of the biggest fears any driver faces is 'downtime'. When a driver isn't running, they are not making money. This can be remedied by addressing two things:
    1.)  How is the service with your provider?
    2.)  Does not having a tarping system keep you from hauling more?

    Although the latter question can only be answered by each driver, here at Tarpstop we pride ourselves on having some of the best service in the industry, while keeping our customers on the road so they can make money.

    Looking to learn more about our Tarping System or our service partners? Don't hesitate! Our specialized sales team is here to answer any questions you might have. That is why our motto is 'Running Through Walls'. Call today: 1-877-999-8277

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  3. Common Mistakes for the flip system

    When starting with a Flip System, it may seem rudimentary or almost self-explanatory what one would need. However, you'd be amazed at how many people forget the basics.

    Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong tarp material.
    The devil is in the details! When transporting your load from one site to another, the tarp can play a pivotal role. The most commonly suggested material for the tarp would be the mesh tarp as opposed to vinyl. Air is allowed to pass through the mesh fabric without significant 'pull' on the arms of the unit.

    Mistake #2: Leaving the system open.
    Another common mistake is to leave the system open. There are many times new operators will shut the system, without realizing that it is not fully closed, and then drive off. If the arms are in the 'up' position while driving, the arms of the system can be damaged. Be sure to close your tarp properly.

    Mistake #3: Being ignorant of any state or local laws.
    It seems cliche to say, "Know your laws," but it's true. When using any system, different tarping laws might be in effect. A crucial one is between Michigan and Ohio. In Michigan, your load must be tarped, whereas if you cross the border into Ohio, it doesn't. Make sure that when using the flip system, you know what DOT laws are in effect and work accordingly.

    We Can Ship Out, or You Can Pick Up
    One of the conveniences we offer at Tarpstop is that we can ship an entire system to your location, to be installed by yourself or a local provider. Depending on your needs, we can also do the installation at one of our four locations across the US.

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