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  1. Which is Better, Mesh or Vinyl?

    The answer is pretty simple actually. It just depends upon what you’re hauling. Does the load need to stay dry? If so, a vinyl coated fabric is called for. If you’re hauling dirt, gravel, or nursery stock and you just need to contain the load to prevent it blowing away, a mesh tarp may be your best bet. Each type has its strengths. Let’s take a closer look and see which style of tarp might be best for your needs.

    Generally speaking, vinyl tarps are stronger and they shed water. They’re also heavier and bulkier, but there’s really no way around that for heavy-duty over the road use. Steel Tarps, Lumber Tarps, Sidekit Tarps, Coil Tarps, etc are all fabricated with vinyl coated fabrics. We do have some options for lightweight tarps, but there’s a definite tradeoff.

    Mesh tarps come in handy for loads like dirt, gravel, or any aggregate that can get wet. Tarp laws often require these loads be covered to prevent escape and possible injury. Mesh tarps are a good option for flip arm tarp systems on dump trucks and trailers. The lighter weight of the tarp allows for lighter springs and arms to be used, and mesh tarps catch less wind while they’re being deployed. Nursery tarps are another good application for mesh fabrics.  Nursery stock often needs to be covered to prevent wind whipping while in transit, and a mesh tarp is light enough to do the job without risk of damage from weight and heat buildup.

    Tarpstop offers many varieties of both vinyl and mesh tarp systems. Our

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  2. How to Choose the Right Flip System?

    Are you on the lookout for a new Flip system or do you just need to upgrade your old one? There are small but subtle differences between a manual and an electric system that may make the system right for you. Each has it's own set of pro's and con's, the difference is making sure that the system is suited to your needs.

    The real question is what are you hauling and what are your needs?Are you pressed for time and trying to move many loads in a day? Does your job site require you to stay in your truck? If this is the case you will want an electric flip system. The golden rule might be more time equals more loads, which in turn equals more money! Also remember, it is sometimes best to keep an extra motor on hand in-case your current motors burns out. This can always save time and money in the future.

    Are you not as pressed for time? Maybe you're not going to need to tarp that often. Then a manual tarping system might be right for you.  Why spend the extra money on an electric system if you're not going to use it often?  Let's take a look at some of the small but important differences between these two systems and what will lead you to making your choice.

    Manual Tarp Systems
    - Manual Flip Systems are more cost effective
    - They also take less time to install since you won't be installing any electrical connections.
    - They're simple and use less parts than an electric flip system. 
    - They take more time in hauling loads since you will be getting out to open and close the sys

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  3. What to Know about your Flip-Tarp

    From dump bodies to landscaping, flip tarps seem to be at the heart of it all. But with all the back and forth of loading and unloading, sometimes the simplest things are the ones most commonly overlooked. That's what lead us to start this article.

    One thing to consider is where you live in relation to your equipment supplier. Are you able to stop by Tarpstop to have your EZ-over flip tarp system installed or would it be better to have us ship it to you? Either way, it's important that parts are readily available when the inevitable happens. As the manufacturer, Tarpstop has the components on-hand for immediate repairs at our locations or quick shipment to yours, usually same-day! This may seem like a small detail but it can reduce downtime dramatically when you can least afford it.

    At Tarpstop, quality and value are a given. Remember though, it's not just about how low you can get the price. Sometimes it's about building true partnerships with your suppliers and making sure they have just as much concern for your customers and your success as you do. Relationships! it's one of our core values.

    These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when choosing a flip tarping system. Interested in learning more? Just click here or call one of our locations today!

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