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  1. Stainless or Aluminum, Which is Better?

    When flat bedding one of the most undervalued tools to buy with the truck is the tool box that you choose. Able to store multiple types of tools to winch straps and even tarps, the tool box can act as your best storage space. Sometimes choosing what it is made of though can be quite difficult, especially since both can do the job. It is always important to remember these small bits of information below when choosing either stainless or aluminum. 

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  2. What to Know about your Flip-Tarp

    From dump bodies to landscaping, flip tarps seem to be at the heart of it all. But with all the back and forth of loading and unloading, sometimes the simplest things are the ones most commonly overlooked. That's what lead us to start this article.

    One thing to consider is where you live in relation to your equipment supplier. Are you

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  3. TarpStop goes International

    Tarpstop recently had a chance to work with Joshua Varab, the program coordinator working with Feed the Hungry.  He was looking for help finding a way to cover a cattle truck carrying boxes of meals for the people of Uganda. Unfortunately due to the unpredictable African weather, Feed the Hungry could no longer risk having an open bed that’s traveling with cardboard boxes of

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  4. How to Fix a Tarp

    Anyone who flatbed's knows that when tarping your system one of your main concerns once you have your cargo secured and covered by your tarp, is how long will that tarp last without getting punctured or worn down. Even the most experience flat-bedder knows that sometimes an unknown piece of road debris, an unseen piece of what your hauling or just plain weather can wear down the tarp.  Luckily here at Tarpstop, we have seen a lot of this and want

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