Tarpstop recently had a chance to work with Joshua Varab, the program coordinator working with Feed the Hungry.  He was looking for help finding a way to cover a cattle truck carrying boxes of meals for the people of Uganda. Unfortunately due to the unpredictable African weather, Feed the Hungry could no longer risk having an open bed that’s traveling with cardboard boxes of food that’s dire to the survival of thousands of people. That's when they came to Tarpstop to help solve this problem. 

When first approached, they needed a solution that could cover the truck but also be versatile in the different types of weather that they might endure. We knew our tarps were the perfect solution. Before finishing the project we had a chance to ask Josh a few questions about the project. We learned a lot about why they do the things they do but we also gained a little more insight into Feed the Hungry as an organization. Below is just a few of the answers we got.

Who is Feed the Hungry, and what will you be doing in Uganda?
"Feed the Hungry feeds roughly 49,000 kids everyday in Uganda. We send Fortified Rice-Soy Meals that are loaded with essential protein and vitamins to areas of poverty and disaster both natural and man made. These meals are packed by volunteers nationwide and donated to us for the sole purpose of feeding hunger people worldwide."

Where in Uganda will you be bringing food and are there any other locations you go?
"We take this food to the southern capital of Kampala to feed city refugees and school children in the slums, the southwestern Rwamwanja Refugee camp that’s mostly comprised of Congolese Refugees and the western Kiryandongo Refugee Camp mostly comprised of South Sudanese Refugees and lastly"

Why did you choose this type of tarp and what lead you to tarpstop?
"We originally only needed some painting and printing done but when TarpStop said they could do everything in house, we knew it’d be a great deal. They also guaranteed a shorter delivery date! We were extremely pleased with the teams there and happy to work with TarpStop."

Why did you choose Uganda?
"In South Sudan, thousands of people are fleeing the country into Uganda daily due to the civil war and famine. Uganda takes great pride in welcoming refugees from all neighboring countries, to help them find peace and safety with their families and loved ones. Uganda is Feed the Hungry’s strongest program, and with growth in our numbers comes the need for proper equipment and infrastructure."

Interested in learning more call one of the below locations today.

Phone: 419-873-7867

TAYLOR, MI 48180
Phone: 313-749-7490

GARY, IN 46403
Phone: 219-938-8190