1. Do You Have the Product You Need?

    We've known that load securement is hard to find from other suppliers, but that doesn't mean we don't have what you need. With companies having issues getting products in, we made sure to keep stock of all the load securement you'll use. With cargo being slow to leave ports, companies have been scrambling to find a reliable supplier.

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  2. Black Friday Deals are Here but Not for Long

    November is a time to pause and be thankful. Tarpstop has decided to say thank you by offering one of the best deals of the year. During the week of Black Friday, the 23rd through the 29th of November, we'll be putting on the industry's best deals. With sales on everything from our Sturdy-Lite

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  3. It's the Holiday Savings of the Year!

    Black Friday has come and gone, but not the holiday savings that came with it. This year we wanted to take the spirit of giving and pass it you the customer. We are cutting the prices on a number of items as a way of thanking you for being so loyal.

    From November 29th through December 31st Tarpstop is holding the savings of the century. With discounts on transport chain, ratchet straps,

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  4. When is It Time To Switch to a Rolling Tarp System?

    If you flatbed, then you have possibly been doing everything from throw tarps to securing your coil or lumber. In all that time on the road you most likely have asked yourself the question everyone does..."There has to be a better way".  That is why here at Tarpstop we are dedicated to making truck driving easier on owner operators and fleets alike. 

    Customers notice the professional appearance and superior protection from the elements w

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  5. Know More About Your Winch Straps

    One of the most commonly used items in a truck drivers arsenal is the winch strap. With the need to tie down the cargo that is being transported this product has become an invaluable asset. Without the means to secure and control a freight load all else is mute.

    Tarpstop stocks some of the better quality and lower priced straps in the industry in Exaloy Cargo

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  6. What to Know about your Flip-Tarp

    From dump bodies to landscaping, flip tarps seem to be at the heart of it all. But with all the back and forth of loading and unloading, sometimes the simplest things are the ones most commonly overlooked. That's what lead us to start this article.

    One thing to consider is where you live in relation to your equipment supplier. Are you

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