Recently our Fastrak II system has undergone MASSIVE improvements to make life easier for you, the American Trucker. Have you been looking at a Rolling Tarp System but are unsure? Below are only a few of the upgrades we've made to our system to give you every reason to invest in both a new Fastrak Tarp system and yourself. 

One of the improvements made to the system is our bows have been strengthened by 70% which assists in preventing welding cracks. We also have reinforced our pushup bows by 40% along with our 'Telescoping' tail crank to reduce flex and wobble of the crank. With other improvements such as a stronger bulkhead, reinforced trolley assembly, integrated bumpers, and more the Fastrak has easily become the most driver-focused system on the market currently. 

Interested in seeing what some of the new improvements are that have been made to the Fastrak II system? Click the button below and take a look. 

New Improvements

For the month of May, we are offering $25 off your order if you order $500 or more. At Tarpstop, we're committed to providing innovative solutions for our valued customers while offering you the best industry experience and the systems and services to keep America covered.