1. St. Jude Children's Hospital Fundraiser

    Recently one of our employee's took part in the St. Jude Warrior Dash fundraiser to raise money for the St. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center, which opened in December of 2015. Proton therapy is the most advanced form of radiation technology available to patients because it allows doctors to precisely target cancerous cells with high doses of radiation while sparing nearby healthy cells and vital organs located beyond the tumor. The St. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center is the first Proton Therapy Center in the world dedicated solely to children, designed specifically to meet the needs of young patients.

    When Brian Hughes, our Fleet Specialist heard about this cause, he jumped at the chance to help. He took part in a 3.2 mile course and faced obstacles like mud mounds, water slide's, mud pits, plank walls and more. Brian in particular raised $1,500 dollars for the cause and ran a spectacular time. Brian loved doing something like this and had a great time as well. Great job Brian!

    Interested in learning more about either our Flip System or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs? Call one of the below locations today.

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  2. Tarpstop Donates to C.E.R.T

    Recently Tarpstop donated a WNL Product, Practi-TRAINER Essentials Universal AED Trainer. This kit comes with the AED Training module and Training pads for both Adult and Child/Infant training. With one of our very own Brian Peterson apart of the Corps we really thought this was a chance to make an impact on the local community up in Taylor, MI. Taylor CERT is known for being there for first aid needs at local events around the city and having this trainer gives them the opportunity not only to make sure the volunteers are properly trained on life saving response but also affords them the opportunity to invite the community to full service training in CPR and First Aid.

    Taylor CERT is part of the local and national Citizens Corps effort to incorporate and utilize volunteers in the community. CERT members are trained in basic response techniques in order to assist local citizens and first responders in disaster or emergency situations.  

    The Taylor CERT Program was established in 2012 under the supervision of the Taylor Fire Department and is dispatched by the Fire Chief.  Overseeing the program is CERT Coordinator Blaine Honeycutt. The concept of CERT originated and was designed by Los Angeles Fire Department in the 1980's and was designed to have citizens help citizens during earthquakes and mudslides that plague the local areas.  After the terror attacks of 9-11, then, sitting President, George W. Bush enacted CERT across the country under the direction of FEMA and Homeland Security. 
    For more information on the CERT Program you can click here or head to FEMA's website
    See the C.E.R.T page here,
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  3. TarpStop goes International

    Tarpstop recently had a chance to work with Joshua Varab, the program coordinator working with Feed the Hungry.  He was looking for help finding a way to cover a cattle truck carrying boxes of meals for the people of Uganda. Unfortunately due to the unpredictable African weather, Feed the Hungry could no longer risk having an open bed that’s traveling with cardboard boxes of food that’s dire to the survival of thousands of people. That's when they came to Tarpstop to help solve this problem. 

    When first approached, they needed a solution that could cover the truck but also be versatile in the different types of weather that they might endure. We knew our tarps were the perfect solution. Before finishing the project we had a chance to ask Josh a few questions about the project. We learned a lot about why they do the things they do but we also gained a little more insight into Feed the Hungry as an organization. Below is just a few of the answers we got.

    Who is Feed the Hungry, and what will you be doing in Uganda?
    "Feed the Hungry feeds roughly 49,000 kids everyday in Uganda. We send Fortified Rice-Soy Meals that are loaded with essential protein and vitamins to areas of poverty and disaster both natural and man made. These meals are packed by volunteers nationwide and donated to us for the sole purpose of feeding hunger people worldwide."

    Where in Uganda will you be bringing food and are there any other locations you go?
    "We take this food to the southern capital of Kampala to feed city refugees and school children in the slums, the southwestern Rwamwanja Refugee camp th

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  4. The Right Direction

    Recently Tarpstop has started to work with the, a non profit organization focused on the commitment to empower youth through action sports such as BMX biking. The Right Direction is a youth development organization which wants to give kids the opportunity to excel in something they already have an interest in. Tarpstop stepped in to help out with developing rain tarps for the ramps that the kids do demos on every Friday near Spoke Life.

    By creating the rain tarps we knew we would extend the longevity of the ramps for any of the demos and that it was something Tarpstop had to be apart of. One of the main reasons Tarpstop has chose to get involved in this is that when we looked at what they were trying to achieve we realized it aligned directly with Tarpstop 3 main core values:

    Persistent, Hungry Passion
    We don't say no, We run through walls!
    We are there for our communities and respectful to our competitors!
    We are relentlessly inspired to improve ourselves and those around us!

    The Right Directions mission is to empower youth by increasing the impact and access to action sports as a tool for positive youth development. Co-Founders Don DiBartolomeo and Matt Bowley believe that the participation in action sports provides an excellent platform for positive youth development in a non-traditional setting. Directed and mentored by professional athletes they offer youth involved in action sports and a support system that facilitates progression and development as both athletes and young people. You can learn more

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