rolling tarps

  1. Tips to Keep You Safe for Winter Driving

    Remember, some of the best ways to keep you safe during the winter season is to make sure you have good maneuvering and skid controls. They can make the difference between a split second decision. Also, always alter your driving skills. This will separate the experienced drivers from the newer drivers. Below are just a few tips to help during the cold season to keep you safe and making money.


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  2. Which is Better, Mesh or Vinyl?

    The answer is pretty simple actually. It just depends upon what you’re hauling. Does the load need to stay dry? If so, a vinyl coated fabric is called for. If you’re hauling dirt, gravel, or nursery stock and you just need to contain the load to prevent it blowing away, a mesh tarp may be your best bet. Each type has its strengths. Let’s take a closer look and see which style of tarp might be best for your needs.

    Generally speaking, vinyl tarps

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  3. Why Choose the Fastrak?

    There are a lot of rolling tarp systems out there to choose from. Some of them look really good. Some of them might even BE really good. But we’re convinced the Fastrak® Rolling Tarp System is the best. Period.

    Why are we so confident? Because our current Fastrak II is the most advanced evolution of our original system that debuted in 2005. Since then, we’ve

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  4. Play It Forward

    With Christmas at a close and the holiday spirit still in the air we could not help but still be in a giving mood here at Tarpstop. At our Perrysburg location we heard of the 'Play it Forward' toy drive and had to get involved. Working with both Levis Commons and Cousino Restoration, Tarpstop provided the truck for this event to load and unload all of the toys. Giving back to our community has become apart of our 'mantra' here at Tarpstop. Running

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