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  1. 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tarping System

    When selecting a rolling Tarping System the first that comes to mind always is the freight or cargo that your transporting. When making your choice you will need to consider several factors since it could affect the profitability for years to come. Choosing the wrong tarping system can reduce productivity, limit the types of loads you can haul, increase downtime and lead to cargo damage.

    Choose Quality
    Inspect tarping systems closely – especially the seams – to see how well they’ve been constructed.

    Any Support?
    If you’re a long-haul operator, consider the ease of service while on the road. Can repairs be made by any tarp or trailer shop? How about those covered by warranty; can you get the work done on the road or do you have to return to the manufacturing facility?

    Optimize the System
    Some tarping systems impede on the cargo area, reducing payloads. Talk to your supplier about the dimensions of the tarping system and the requirements of the freight you’ll be hauling.

    Extended Life
    The maintenance-free tarping system sounds great but with just a little extra inspection for things like loosened connections and damaged rail protectors can easily extend the life of a tarp. Wipe down rails every time, and consider the wheel material as some suppliers have adopted nylon or rubber wheels in place of steel.

    Make it Convenient
    Finally, make sure your tarp system is easy to operate. The ease at which drivers can operate the tarping system's can make the difference between them continuing to drive for years to come or not.

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  2. Which is Better, Mesh or Vinyl?

    The answer is pretty simple actually. It just depends upon what you’re hauling. Does the load need to stay dry? If so, a vinyl coated fabric is called for. If you’re hauling dirt, gravel, or nursery stock and you just need to contain the load to prevent it blowing away, a mesh tarp may be your best bet. Each type has its strengths. Let’s take a closer look and see which style of tarp might be best for your needs.

    Generally speaking, vinyl tarps are stronger and they shed water. They’re also heavier and bulkier, but there’s really no way around that for heavy-duty over the road use. Steel Tarps, Lumber Tarps, Sidekit Tarps, Coil Tarps, etc are all fabricated with vinyl coated fabrics. We do have some options for lightweight tarps, but there’s a definite tradeoff.

    Mesh tarps come in handy for loads like dirt, gravel, or any aggregate that can get wet. Tarp laws often require these loads be covered to prevent escape and possible injury. Mesh tarps are a good option for flip arm tarp systems on dump trucks and trailers. The lighter weight of the tarp allows for lighter springs and arms to be used, and mesh tarps catch less wind while they’re being deployed. Nursery tarps are another good application for mesh fabrics.  Nursery stock often needs to be covered to prevent wind whipping while in transit, and a mesh tarp is light enough to do the job without risk of damage from weight and heat buildup.

    Tarpstop offers many varieties of both vinyl and mesh tarp systems. Our

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  3. Why Choose the Fastrak?

    There are a lot of rolling tarp systems out there to choose from. Some of them look really good. Some of them might even BE really good. But we’re convinced the Fastrak® Rolling Tarp System is the best. Period.

    Why are we so confident? Because our current Fastrak II is the most advanced evolution of our original system that debuted in 2005. Since then, we’ve applied all of the feedback we’ve gotten and the knowledge we’ve gained over the years to continually improve our Fastrak system to where it is today; lightweight, durable, reliable, easily serviced, and easy to operate.

    We’re so confident in the quality of our Fastrak system that we back it with our “2-2-5 Quick Service Warranty,” which provides some of the best peace of mind you can get with a rolling tarp system.

    • We cover ALL hardware tip-to-tail for 2 years (AND we’ll even cover the labor for any necessary repairs)
    • We cover our wheels and bearings for 2 years
    • We cover the bow corners for 5 years

    The most important reason to choose Fastrak, however, is because of our passion for our products. We put all we know into everything we do, and we “run through walls” to give you the best product the industry has to offer!

    P.S. Here’s a little secret, did you know we service OTHER brands of rolling tarp systems, too?

    Interested in learning more about either our Fastrak system or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs?

    Call one of the below locations today.

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  4. Organize Your Headboard

    Veteran truck drivers have picked up quite a few tips and tricks for organizing their headboards. These truckers hold some of the best kept secrets in the industry! Today, I'll share a few of them with you, and if you implement these ideas it can save you time and money. We all want a safer, more enjoyable ride, don't we?

    One of the most effective things we can focus on is your headboard options. Most of our customers are aware that we offer a man door or front access in our Fastrak bulkhead, but some may not know that we can customize to make the headboard a valuable and productive part of your retractable system.

    One of the most overlooked but often requested options is additional storage, and we have provided an overhead tray which can hold straps, bungees, or a multitude of additional items. At one glance, you'll know exactly what you have on hand, and what you'll need for the next load.

    On both sides are chain and binder racks; this keeps everything organized and accessible for quick and easy access. In addition, we provide dunnage rack storage making the entire headboard optimized for your convenience.

    These options do make a difference, especially when keeping valuable equipment out of the weather or preventing theft is important.

    There is always a need for more storage and additional equipment for the professional trucker. Many of you go the extra mile every day to keep America running, safe, and productive. This is the least we could do to assist with your logistics

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