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  1. The New ELD Mandate and You!

    Soon to take effect on December 16th, 2017 will be the new ELD or (electronic logging device) mandate. With this new rule drivers will no longer be required to keep and maintain paper logs. They will, however, be required to maintain supporting documentation and submit them to their carrier or, for owner-operators, keep them on file.  The new mandate, however, will not apply to drivers of vehicles built before the year 2000 — a change made from 2014’s proposed version of the rule. This still holds some challenges for owner operator's and how they are going to adjust to this. 

    With this new rule, one of the biggest concerns on the horizon for drivers is downtime and service. Time on the road is now a chief concern, especially when getting either a small patch or service to their system. It is incredibly important that drivers start to make sure the service they are getting when down is considered a top priority. Some of the most important topics to research are not just how much a system might cost, but after you have the system how much does it cost to repair, how long will you have to leave the system with that company and do you get charged for service immediately or only for the work done. These are just a few of the questions to think of when doing your research. 

    With the time getting closer and closer to this mandate becoming official Tarpstop wanted to reach out to say we've heard the concerns about this new rule. This is why Tarpstop wanted to state that it is now more than ever we stand behing our pledge to always be "Running Through Walls" for our customer's.  We know just how important it is to make sure that you're not just buying a product but you are also investing in a relationship. Interested in learning more call one of the below locations today.

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  2. Know More About Your Winch Straps

    One of the most commonly used items in a truck drivers arsenal is the winch strap. With the need to tie down the cargo that is being transported this product has become an invaluable asset. Without the means to secure and control a freight load all else is mute.

    Tarpstop stocks some of the better quality and lower priced straps in the industry in Exaloy Cargo Control. The four inch winch straps are rated for a 5,400# WLL. They are polyester woven with a resin coating. Some of the unique features pertaining to Exaloy straps is that they double tag each strap. This includes a polyester tag and a Tyvek tag. Most winch straps will only be outfitted with a polyester tag which is standard among manufacturers. The Tyvek tags that Exaloy has added, to make a double tagged strap, creates a puncture-proof, water-proof and mildew resistant tag aiding in tag life length. Exaloy straps also have a deep dark stencil. Both of these features are designed to keep your straps legal, longer. 

    This is one product that has proven it's worth time and time again. With the Exaloy straps in use you are guaranteed a quality product at an affordable price. To learn more about them contact one of our locations below.

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