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  1. Black Friday Deals are Here but Not for Long

    November is a time to pause and be thankful. Tarpstop has decided to say thank you by offering one of the best deals of the year. During the week of Black Friday, the 23rd through the 29th of November, we'll be putting on the industry's best deals. With sales on everything from our Sturdy-Lite step box, domestic transport chain, and even our Excalibur heavy-duty straps, you'll save Big. Click on the link below to view our monthly promotions and start saving on all the things you buy every day.

    Don't Miss Our New Import Tarp Straps
    Not only do we have the best deals going on at the end of the month, but we have just started selling our new Import Tarp Straps. With a crimped 'S' hook these are available in 9", 15", 21", 31" and 41". We have both EPDM and Natural Rubber, so whether you haul in a warm or cool climate, we have something to help you secure your load.

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  2. How to Maintain Your Ratchet Strap

    Some of the most dependable securement straps to use when transporting cargo are Ratchet Straps. Unfortunately, due to sharp corners and constant rubbing these straps are usually some of the first items that need to be replaced. However, with proper care and minimal effort, a well-made ratchet strap can be utilized for years. Below are a few tips that we have put together on how to maintain your strap and keep it going.

    Keep your ratchet straps out of the sun.  If one of your ratchet straps gets wet or damp, allow it to dry thoroughly before storing it away to prevent mildew. Sunlight has ultraviolet light which has the ability to make the fibers in the strap incredibly brittle as well as discoloring them. As they break down they potentially lose their strength and durability.

    When using straps, apply lubricating oil, such as dry silicone spray or WD-40 to keep the moving parts of the ratchet handle assembly working. One thing to always keep in mind is not to get the lubricant on the webbing, as it will attract dirt and eventually cause the strap to bind. Our Exaloy straps are double tagged to allow the working load limit to be seen and easily accessible from any angle.

    Don't forget to always inspect the straps during and after use. Look for frayed fibers where a sharp edge may have come into contact with the strap. To prevent further damage from corners, use rubber corner strap protectors; they are cost-effective and protect not only the strap but the cargo you are transporting.

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