November is a time to pause and be thankful. Tarpstop has decided to say thank you by offering one of the best deals of the year. During the week of Black Friday, the 23rd through the 29th of November, we'll be putting on the industry's best deals. With sales on everything from our Sturdy-Lite step box, domestic transport chain, and even our Excalibur heavy-duty straps, you'll save Big. Click on the link below to view our monthly promotions and start saving on all the things you buy every day.

Don't Miss Our New Import Tarp Straps
Not only do we have the best deals going on at the end of the month, but we have just started selling our new Import Tarp Straps. With a crimped 'S' hook these are available in 9", 15", 21", 31" and 41". We have both EPDM and Natural Rubber, so whether you haul in a warm or cool climate, we have something to help you secure your load.

Start Saving

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