1. Cab Racks Are More Than A Stylish Add On

    While driving down the road some drivers may want their cab rack to stick out, others prefer to use them for what they are known for. There is nothing wrong with using cab racks to spruce up the drivers cab. But the cab racks or 'headache racks' do have multiple purposes. 

    Why Cab Racks?

    Many cab racks not only designed to make your cab look "stylish" but are also there make it easier to organize and store equipment. On our site, we have a few different styles of cab racks to choose from. Ranging from cab racks with a window, to racks with trays and chain holders, a three door smooth enclosure, and more. From the outside, our cab racks are more than just a choice of style. These particular cab racks provide excellent strength and functionality when it comes to hauling your cargo. 

    "Headache Racks"

    Ever wonder why cab racks are sometimes considered "headache racks"? Well, imagine driving down the road and all of the sudden you come across a sudden hard stop. Since the equipment on the cab rack was prevented from breaking through your cab window. But imagine if you did not have a cab rack on the back of your cab. Cargo and heavy equipment could burst through the back of your cab and injure you. Causing quite a headache! Maybe that is where they got the idea of the name, "Headache Racks". Maybe that's how cab racks got its nickname.

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  2. Service Your Relationship Early

    When looking to start in your flatbed career one of the first things you worry about is the cost of a rolling tarp system. All you start to see are dollar signs. After a while you feel like you just need to get the cheapest system on the market. This is where most go wrong, they look at their system and career as a sprint rather than a marathon. It is important not to just consider all the initial expenses but also the expenses you may spend after the purchase. 

    Always remember to do your research, don't just look at the best price. See what each competitor knows about the industry and how they are willing to help you improve what you are hauling. Your service provider should know the ins and outs of your system so if you have any questions or need something that it is not a cookie cutter solution. One of the most important things to make sure of when choosing a provider is not just to choose one based on price but how they can save you money in the future. Your system provider should be able to see if there might be any issues or concerns with your system in the upcoming future and address them immediately. He or she should also be able to let you know about possible ways to upgrade your system to save a buck in the upcoming months. 

    Remember, the key to saving money is building a lasting relationship. That is where the payoff comes into play down the road. When the person who services your tarping system runs through walls for you than you know you have the right provider. 

    Interested in learning more about our Fastrak II system? Just click here or call one of our locations today!

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  3. 'Diverging Diamond' Begins Work

    Today began the official work on the state route 'Diverging Diamond' Interchange through Wood County. It is important that when traveling to keep in mind that SR 25 between Eckel Junction Road and Jefferson Street, will be reduced to one lane due to bridge work. The project is slated to be complete in October should schedule and weather permit. In mid-July, the ramp from southbound I-475 to SR 25 will be closed for about 5 weeks. 

    "Single lane restrictions are possible on I-475, between the I-75/475 interchange and Fort Meigs Road, for diverging diamond interchange work.  Additionally, overnight from 9pm until 6am, lane restrictions are possible on SR 25, between Levis Commons Boulevard and Eckel Junction Road, for diverging diamond interchange work. " 

    The best options to use alternate travel may be below:

    Bowling Green:
    enter southbound I-75 from U.S 20 and take I-75 to the state Rt. 582 interchange in Middleton Township. From there you can rejoin State Rt. 25.

    Levis Commons Area:
    Drivers may want to use Roachton Road to approach the shopping area from the south. Roachton can be reached from central Perrysburg via State Rt. 199(Louisiana Avenue) or Fort Meigs Road.

    For information throughout the project, visit:

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