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  1. Make Money While You're Down

    The best way to make money while still having your flatbed maintained, patched, repaired or otherwise 'down' is to schedule runs in between your hauls. One thing many newer drivers don't realize is that the best way to keep themselves moving is to schedule pickups or drop-offs where their regular maintenance or fixes are needed.

    A common type of repair job we see at Tarpstop is usually a 'patch' job for a slight tear in the tarp. This may seem like a minor issue, but as the miles add up, you lose time and productivity. Instead of making a pit stop to get a repair, find locations near a repair facility, where you can pick up or drop off. This way it can become part of your regular travel agenda. As we all know, if the wheels aren't turning, no one's making money.

    When starting out in trucking, navigating your way to a successful career can seem overwhelming at times. That's why we're here. At Tarpstop, we want you to have the best possible opportunity for success.

    Need to learn more about our Tarping Systems? Don't hesitate! Our specialized sales team is here to answer any questions you might have. That is why our motto is 'Running Through Walls.'

    Call today: 1-877-999-8277

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  2. Things to Look out for In 2020

    With the New Years right around the corner you are probably getting ready to spring into action to make the most of 2020. For truck drivers and fleets, the new year is a great time to set the pace of your business for the coming year. Before you do you might consider reading below to see some of the things that you might want to be aware of before starting out. 

    As the New Year approaches so does cargo theft. Truck drivers, fleets are being warned against this increase during the holiday period. The most heightened period of increased theft attacks usually appears between Dec. 23 through Jan. 3.

    Another item that truckers need to keep a close eye on is the diesel prices. In 2020 maritime diesel regulations will be tightening by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and those regulations will be affecting crude oil forecasts. the new maritime standards will take effect January 1st and lower the maximum sulfur content for marine fuel oil used in ocean-going vessels.

    Trailer orders dropped 55% from the same period last year – a time when OEM production capacity limits prompted carriers to place large orders that locked in build slots throughout this year. Trailer orders for the last twelve months total 215,000 units. Production continues to fall moderately on a per-day level as freight growth has stalled. There is still a decent demand for dry vans and reefers, but the vocational segments, especially flatbeds, continue to weaken.  

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  3. Common Mistakes for the flip system

    When starting with a Flip System, it may seem rudimentary or almost self-explanatory what one would need. However, you'd be amazed at how many people forget the basics.

    Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong tarp material.
    The devil is in the details! When transporting your load from one site to another, the tarp can play a pivotal role. The most commonly suggested material for the tarp would be the mesh tarp as opposed to vinyl. Air is allowed to pass through the mesh fabric without significant 'pull' on the arms of the unit.

    Mistake #2: Leaving the system open.
    Another common mistake is to leave the system open. There are many times new operators will shut the system, without realizing that it is not fully closed, and then drive off. If the arms are in the 'up' position while driving, the arms of the system can be damaged. Be sure to close your tarp properly.

    Mistake #3: Being ignorant of any state or local laws.
    It seems cliche to say, "Know your laws," but it's true. When using any system, different tarping laws might be in effect. A crucial one is between Michigan and Ohio. In Michigan, your load must be tarped, whereas if you cross the border into Ohio, it doesn't. Make sure that when using the flip system, you know what DOT laws are in effect and work accordingly.

    We Can Ship Out, or You Can Pick Up
    One of the conveniences we offer at Tarpstop is that we can ship an entire system to your location, to be installed by yourself or a local provider. Depending on your needs, we can also do the installation at one of our four locations across the US.

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  4. What Type of Service Do You Need?

    When you're getting into the trucking industry, and you're looking at how to cover your loads. What are the key indicators that you use to make sure you are making the right choice? More often than not, some of the simplest things can cause costly issues down the road if not addressed right away.

    Repairs, Patches and Fix Up's
    The first thing on a driver's mind when shopping a system always is the cost. The one thing left out of that equation, however, is still the cost of replacement's, patches, or just downright repairs. One question every driver should always ask is, what does it cost me to bring the system back in for a replacement or repair?

    This cost, if not considered, can be what indeed breaks the wallet of a driver. By planning several weeks out with your dispatch and your closest Tarpstop branch you can have this scheduled, so time and cost work in your favor.

    Turnaround Time
    The other major item that never gets discussed is turnaround time. If you drive for a living and you bring your system in for a repair, you need your trailer back fast. When you're not driving, you're not making money. That's why it's essential to be on the road and not waiting in some line where you're just another number'. The best companies ask the question, when do you need it back and work with your needs in mind

    Tarpstop knows that your not making money if you're not on the road pulling a load.

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  5. It's the Holiday Savings of the Year!

    Black Friday has come and gone, but not the holiday savings that came with it. This year we wanted to take the spirit of giving and pass it you the customer. We are cutting the prices on a number of items as a way of thanking you for being so loyal.

    From November 29th through December 31st Tarpstop is holding the savings of the century. With discounts on transport chain, ratchet straps, trailer winches and more, these are the deal's you can't pass up.  To take full advantage of this significant savings event, simply go online and place your order. We'll handle the rest. Have a joyous and happy holiday season. 

    Our Deals
    3/8" x 16' Transport Chain - $37.99
    'Recoil-less' Lever Binder - $28.99
    2"x30' Red, White and Blue Ratchet Strap - $15.99
    2"x30' Excalibur Ratchet Strap - $28.99
    68"x80" 3-Door Cab Rack - $2,199
    24"x24"x60" Bawer Double Door Tool Box - $659
    and more...


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