When you're getting into the trucking industry, and you're looking at how to cover your loads. What are the key indicators that you use to make sure you are making the right choice? More often than not, some of the simplest things can cause costly issues down the road if not addressed right away.

Repairs, Patches and Fix Up's
The first thing on a driver's mind when shopping a system always is the cost. The one thing left out of that equation, however, is still the cost of replacement's, patches, or just downright repairs. One question every driver should always ask is, what does it cost me to bring the system back in for a replacement or repair?

This cost, if not considered, can be what indeed breaks the wallet of a driver. By planning several weeks out with your dispatch and your closest Tarpstop branch you can have this scheduled, so time and cost work in your favor.

Turnaround Time
The other major item that never gets discussed is turnaround time. If you drive for a living and you bring your system in for a repair, you need your trailer back fast. When you're not driving, you're not making money. That's why it's essential to be on the road and not waiting in some line where you're just another number'. The best companies ask the question, when do you need it back and work with your needs in mind

Tarpstop knows that your not making money if you're not on the road pulling a load.

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