metal toolbox

  1. Tarpstop Takes MATS 2019

    This year at the Mid American Trucking Show Tarpstop came out with a blast. With over 1100 exhibitors in over 1 million square feet of space; there were seminars, contests, giveaways, concerts and even awards. Located at booth 18036 in the North Wing.

    This year at the booth we showcased not only our amazing Fastrak II system but also our new system, the Fastrak Evolution. The amazing part of this new system is that it simplifies the rolling

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  2. Cab Racks Are More Than A Stylish Add On

    While driving down the road some drivers may want their cab rack to stick out, others prefer to use them for what they are known for. There is nothing wrong with using cab racks to spruce up the drivers cab. But the cab racks or 'headache racks' do have multiple purposes. 

    Why Cab Racks?

    Many cab racks not only designed to make your cab look "stylish" but are also there

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  3. Stainless or Aluminum, Which is Better?

    When flat bedding one of the most undervalued tools to buy with the truck is the tool box that you choose. Able to store multiple types of tools to winch straps and even tarps, the tool box can act as your best storage space. Sometimes choosing what it is made of though can be quite difficult, especially since both can do the job. It is always important to remember these small bits of information below when choosing either stainless or aluminum. 

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