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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  1. Service Your Relationship Early

    When looking to start in your flatbed career one of the first things you worry about is the cost of a rolling tarp system. All you start to see are dollar signs. After a while you feel like you just need to get the cheapest system on the market. This is where most go wrong, they look at their system and career as a sprint rather than a marathon. It is important not to just consider all the initial expenses but also the expenses you may spend after

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  2. How to Stretch the Life of Your Tarp

    We always care about getting you the right tarping system for your flatbed. However, once chosen not many think about how best to keep their system from wearing down or even becoming damaged. Luckily there are some simple tips and tricks on how to keep your system in tip top shape as well as certain things to avoid.


    • Keep your system tight at all times when traveling.
    • Keep the track clean and free
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  3. Will the Winter Slow You Down?

    Let's be honest, no one wants to pull over to double check a tarp repair or look for noticeable holes in their tarp this time of year. With winter fast approaching it's better to be prepared earlier rather than later. You'll want to avoid battling the snow, going against high cold winds and avoiding ice on the road with an impaired system driving through this type of weather. We here at Tarpstop want to help protect you from any possible issues on

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  4. Burgers and Bratwurst at Tarpstop

    On Friday the 27th of October Tarpstop had it's monthly FUN FRIDAY. With a breakout session that almost seemed to stop everyone in there tracks. We broke out the hamburgers but more importantly we got the grill out and started grilling up some bratwurst which everyone could smell through the shop. 

    As everyone started to pile in to the sewing shop, they started to grab their buns and fill them with ketchup, mustard or onions.  Although they

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