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  1. A Quick Interview with Velocity One

    Several years back, a customer of ours, Jeni Genskow of Velocity One Transport, provided some great feedback. She covered the topics of what made her choose Tarpstop and why it was a better fit than some of the other competitors out there. We circled back with her to see how the coronavirus has effected her business and ask about things she's noticing during the pandemic.

    "My business model has not changed due to the pandemic. Thanks to the Fastrak, I'm able to use it somewhat as a dry van shall the need arise and my usual commodity's not readily available. I have a variety of options now to haul most anything right down to toilet paper! Truthfully, yes the Fastrak has made it a lot easier. I'm not one ounce worried. I've increased my options and expanded into markets that were previously not accessible. As we speak, I'm dock loaded right now.

    This virus has changed my day today. Each company has a different procedure now. Places are requiring health paperwork, personal protective gear, checking temperatures to see if drivers have a fever. Right now, I just plan to have a bit longer day to jump through the hoops. Employees are not as friendly and treat drivers coldly in most places. It's not the warm welcome that everyone assumes. We are just all trying to do our best in a trying situation. "

    - Jeni Genskow, Velocity One Transport

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  2. Why I chose Tarpstop - A Customer's Tale

    On September 12th Jeni Genskow, Director of Operations of Velocity One Transport, walked into Tarpstop and needed her tarping system fixed immediately. Having gone to a competitor and been unsatisfied with the wait time and product, she decided to try Tarpstop. There was damage to rails and tarping system not to mention more, but it needed to be fixed quick.

    Upon inspection of the competitors system Tarpstop noticed the bulkhead was still not vertical. The system would not roll back. Workmanship was not exactly up to par and there wasn’t much holding it on. Four bolts, a couple of welds and lots of caulk. The system was only 13 months old and also needed track repair from the wheels rocking side to side. We were able to tear it off and put our system on in a matter of a couple days. Getting Jeni back on the road and making money.

    When Jeni came back on the 16th not only was she impressed with our work but we got a chance to sit down with her and ask her what it was that made it such a happy experience. Below is just a few of the answers we got which showed how happy she was.

    How did Tarpstop help you?
    "Tarpstop got us on the road that week....Tarpstop got our truck back up and running fast."

    What did you like the most?
    "I really love the quality of the tarping system. You can tell the people who put it together actually care about what they produce."

    Were you satisfied with our service?
    "Tarpstop helped me tremendously when we were down and out. Tarpstop really stepped in and helped me get back up and running, quickly."

    Velocity One Transport LLC is a trucking company based out of Kaukauna, WI. The company was started in July 2015 as a way for it's “Sister Companies” to deliver products to their customers. Since starting, it has g

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