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  1. How to Choose the Right Flip System?

    Are you on the lookout for a new Flip system or do you just need to upgrade your old one? There are small but subtle differences between a manual and an electric system that may make the system right for you. Each has it's own set of pro's and con's, the difference is making sure that the system is suited to your needs.

    The real question is what are you hauling and what are your needs?Are you pressed for time and trying to move many loads in a day? Does your job site require you to stay in your truck? If this is the case you will want an electric flip system. The golden rule might be more time equals more loads, which in turn equals more money! Also remember, it is sometimes best to keep an extra motor on hand in-case your current motors burns out. This can always save time and money in the future.

    Are you not as pressed for time? Maybe you're not going to need to tarp that often. Then a manual tarping system might be right for you.  Why spend the extra money on an electric system if you're not going to use it often?  Let's take a look at some of the small but important differences between these two systems and what will lead you to making your choice.

    Manual Tarp Systems
    - Manual Flip Systems are more cost effective
    - They also take less time to install since you won't be installing any electrical connections.
    - They're simple and use less parts than an electric flip system. 
    - They take more time in hauling loads since you will be getting out to open and close the sys

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  2. When is It Time To Switch to a Rolling Tarp System?

    If you flatbed, then you have possibly been doing everything from throw tarps to securing your coil or lumber. In all that time on the road you most likely have asked yourself the question everyone does..."There has to be a better way".  That is why here at Tarpstop we are dedicated to making truck driving easier on owner operators and fleets alike. 

    Customers notice the professional appearance and superior protection from the elements while driving one. Drivers on the other hand appreciate the ability to easily load, unload then tarp there haul without ever leaving the ground.  There are four major reasons that you should always consider when investing in a roll tarping system, they are: 

    Reduction of Tarping Time. Are you tired of throw tarps? This is the perfect solution merely open the system from the ground in less than a minute!

    More miles = more loads = more money! Reduce workers compensation claims and receive less lost time accidents with the Fastrak II. Your equipment will gain a longer life by not being exposed to the outside environment and no tarping fees! .  

    The system maintains better drivers by keeping older drivers working longer. Reduce the cost of recruiting new drivers.

    Advertise on the road by turning your system into a rolling billboard. Customers are happy loads are not touched by tarp. 

    Designed for ease of use, longevity and low maintenance, our Fastrak II is the most thoroughly engineered system on the market today. The strength and security of the Fastrak II is backed by an industry-leading warranty and factory support from Tarpstop.

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  3. Tarpstop Heads to the NACV

    Tarpstop recently was proud to showcase our outstanding and custom Fastrak II system at the inaugural North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV Show). The event was held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, from September 25-28. The theme of Tarpstop's Booth was “Running Through Walls”, a motto we take with passion. 

    The inaugural show in Atlanta hosted 439 exhibitors covering 370,000 sq. ft. of net exhibition space. A total of 6,000 unique visitors and 9,000 visits for the four-day show represented industry leaders, suppliers, top fleet owners and managers, and 234 accredited international journalists. 

    Here at Tarpstop we know just how important it is to make sure that you're not just buying a product but you are also investing in a relationship. Interested in learning more call one of the below locations today.

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