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  1. Follow up on The Right Direction

    Recently Tarpstop had a chance to work with The Right Direction and help with creating the rain tarps that would be used in conjunction with their ramps and jumps. We were overjoyed with the result since this turned out to be one of the projects where you could actually see the effects of what we built in action with the children.

    "The Right Direction is an amazing program, by bringing kids out of a classroom and into real life character-building situations we are giving them the opportunity to want more for themselves. We believe our action sports programs: BMX, scooters, skateboarding, motocross & wakeboarding are some of the best way to develop resilience, self-reliance, and community give back.

    Through The Right Direction over 1200 kids in Wood and Lucas County have gained hours of enrichment, built strong mentor relationships, become graduates and learned to believe in themselves. Our Mission of teaching kids life skills through action sports has resonated strongly this season."

    - Don DiBartolomeo

       - Provided 6 free Skateboard and BMX, Skate and Scooter contest in conjunction with Bowling Green Parks and used each event as a successful food drive which will raise over 1200 lbs. of food for local pantries

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  2. The Right Direction

    Recently Tarpstop has started to work with the, a non profit organization focused on the commitment to empower youth through action sports such as BMX biking. The Right Direction is a youth development organization which wants to give kids the opportunity to excel in something they already have an interest in. Tarpstop stepped in to help out with developing rain tarps for the ramps that the kids do demos on every Friday near Spoke Life.

    By creating the rain tarps we knew we would extend the longevity of the ramps for any of the demos and that it was something Tarpstop had to be apart of. One of the main reasons Tarpstop has chose to get involved in this is that when we looked at what they were trying to achieve we realized it aligned directly with Tarpstop 3 main core values:

    Persistent, Hungry Passion
    We don't say no, We run through walls!
    We are there for our communities and respectful to our competitors!
    We are relentlessly inspired to improve ourselves and those around us!

    The Right Directions mission is to empower youth by increasing the impact and access to action sports as a tool for positive youth development. Co-Founders Don DiBartolomeo and Matt Bowley believe that the participation in action sports provides an excellent platform for positive youth development in a non-traditional setting. Directed and mentored by professional athletes they offer youth involved in action sports and a support system that facilitates progression and development as both athletes and young people. You can learn more

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