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  1. How to Help Truckers During a Controlled Recession

    While the coronavirus is affecting businesses from small to large, one industry that's coming together to keep things moving is trucking. From large companies to one-person owner-operators, everyone is finding a way to get supplies to the companies that need them. It is during this time when many truck stops have shut down and restaurants have closed that we need to focus on how to help our drivers the most.

    While we're all grateful our truckers are doing their job, one of the biggest concerns for them is where to stop and quickly get a meal. Many restaurants have shut down, and the ones that haven't are only allowing for drive-through service. If you work with logistics or happen to have a shipping department, work with a local restaurant or food chain to have bagged lunches ready for the drivers. 

    Tarpstop's Indiana branch, located in Gary, has worked with the Brown Bag sandwich shop to have lunches ready for any truckers who are in need. It isn't just food that truckers are having issues with, though. Hotels have started to become crowded with people needing to stay overnight. Truckers have relied on these hotels, as well as rest stops, to get rest while continuing to transport their goods. 

    Tarpstop has partnered with several companies to assist truckers in need of a place to spend the night. Although these seem like small things to do, they mean the world to a trucker.

    Looking to learn more about Tarpstop or our service partners? Don't hesitate! Our specialized sales team is here to answer any questions you might have. That is why our motto is 'Running Through Walls'. Call today: 1

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  2. A Quick Interview with Velocity One

    Several years back, a customer of ours, Jeni Genskow of Velocity One Transport, provided some great feedback. She covered the topics of what made her choose Tarpstop and why it was a better fit than some of the other competitors out there. We circled back with her to see how the coronavirus has effected her business and ask about things she's noticing during the pandemic.

    "My business model has not changed due to the pandemic. Thanks to the Fastrak, I'm able to use it somewhat as a dry van shall the need arise and my usual commodity's not readily available. I have a variety of options now to haul most anything right down to toilet paper! Truthfully, yes the Fastrak has made it a lot easier. I'm not one ounce worried. I've increased my options and expanded into markets that were previously not accessible. As we speak, I'm dock loaded right now.

    This virus has changed my day today. Each company has a different procedure now. Places are requiring health paperwork, personal protective gear, checking temperatures to see if drivers have a fever. Right now, I just plan to have a bit longer day to jump through the hoops. Employees are not as friendly and treat drivers coldly in most places. It's not the warm welcome that everyone assumes. We are just all trying to do our best in a trying situation. "

    - Jeni Genskow, Velocity One Transport

    Looking to learn more about our Tarping System or our service partners? Don't hesitate! Our specialized sales team is here to answer any questions you might have. That is why our motto is 'Running Through Walls'. Call today: 1-877-999-8277

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