While the coronavirus is affecting businesses from small to large, one industry that's coming together to keep things moving is trucking. From large companies to one-person owner-operators, everyone is finding a way to get supplies to the companies that need them. It is during this time when many truck stops have shut down and restaurants have closed that we need to focus on how to help our drivers the most.

While we're all grateful our truckers are doing their job, one of the biggest concerns for them is where to stop and quickly get a meal. Many restaurants have shut down, and the ones that haven't are only allowing for drive-through service. If you work with logistics or happen to have a shipping department, work with a local restaurant or food chain to have bagged lunches ready for the drivers. 

Tarpstop's Indiana branch, located in Gary, has worked with the Brown Bag sandwich shop to have lunches ready for any truckers who are in need. It isn't just food that truckers are having issues with, though. Hotels have started to become crowded with people needing to stay overnight. Truckers have relied on these hotels, as well as rest stops, to get rest while continuing to transport their goods. 

Tarpstop has partnered with several companies to assist truckers in need of a place to spend the night. Although these seem like small things to do, they mean the world to a trucker.

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