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  1. MATS 2020 is almost here

    It's almost that time again! The Mid America Truck Show is almost here. What does that mean? It means there is time for new deals, not just on our cargo control, but on our systems as well. We'll have amazing prices on our winch straps, ratchet straps, tarp straps and more. Some of the best deals of the year will be happening in our cargo control booth and you won't want to miss them. Wondering where you can find us? We’ll be waiting for you in the East Wing: Booth #18036 (for systems) or across the isle at Booth #18016 (for cargo control).

    Not able to make the show? Not a problem, we've got you covered. Just click here and fill out the form to have a member of our specialized sales team get in touch with you. They'll let you know about the deals we're running and the amazing ways our tarp systems can save you money.

    Looking to learn more about our Tarping System? Don't hesitate! Our specialized sales team is here to answer any questions you might have. That is why our motto is 'Running Through Walls'. Call today: 1-877-999-8277

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  2. Keep Your System Working in the Winter

    When trucking for a living, the winter months can not only be the most dangerous but also be the most hazardous for your tarping system. In order to alleviate any possible issues you might face on the road, we thought we would put together this little list for you to help stretch the life of your tarp during these months.

    Ways to Extend Your Tarp Life through the Winter

    1.) Keep Snow off the Top
    One of the worst things for a system is while driving in the winter, snow can accumulate at the top. To reduce the stress this puts on the system make sure to brush off the snow on the top with a sweeper or anything similar to keep the weight off.
    2.) Proper Tension
    When tightening A-Frames, tension one side no more than 1/2 way before you latch and tighten the other side. Once 2nd side is completely tensioned, return to side you started with and tension the rest of the way.
    3.) Keep the Track Clean of all Snow and Debris
    Although the tarp and bows are important, equally as important are the wheels to the system. By keeping the track clean and not allowing random pieces to get into it, you should get continual ease of use for opening and closing the system.

    Remember, although these months can be hazardous to your system they don't have to be. With the proper protection and maintenance your system can be a trusted ally to help you earn more money. Although these are only a few items, below is a downloadable 'Upkeep and Troubleshooting' pdf to help you with any other questions you might have. 

    Remember the best way to learn more is by calling one of our customer service specialists at 1-877-999-8277. Let the experts help.

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  3. St. Jude Children's Hospital Fundraiser

    Recently one of our employee's took part in the St. Jude Warrior Dash fundraiser to raise money for the St. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center, which opened in December of 2015. Proton therapy is the most advanced form of radiation technology available to patients because it allows doctors to precisely target cancerous cells with high doses of radiation while sparing nearby healthy cells and vital organs located beyond the tumor. The St. Jude Red Frog Events Proton Therapy Center is the first Proton Therapy Center in the world dedicated solely to children, designed specifically to meet the needs of young patients.

    When Brian Hughes, our Fleet Specialist heard about this cause, he jumped at the chance to help. He took part in a 3.2 mile course and faced obstacles like mud mounds, water slide's, mud pits, plank walls and more. Brian in particular raised $1,500 dollars for the cause and ran a spectacular time. Brian loved doing something like this and had a great time as well. Great job Brian!

    Interested in learning more about either our Flip System or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs? Call one of the below locations today.

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  4. The Farm Science Review

    This September 18th - 20th we'll be taking our usual trek down to London, Ohio for the 56th annual Farm Science Review.  Attracting over 140,000 visitors who come to view products, commercial  exhibitors and learn about the latest in agricultural advancements. the education from Ohio State and Purdue is second to none. 

    Located at booth #937 near entrance C we will be showcasing many of our Cargo Control products as well as our systems.  While there, Tarpstop will be selling everything from Cargo Control to Side-Lok's and even showcasing our Fastrak Direct.  Come and see us to see all the things that could help you save. 


    What is the Farm Science Review?
    The Molly Caren Agricultural Center (MCAC) near London, Ohio is home to the Farm Science Review and attracts upwards of 140,000 visitors from all over the United States and Canada, who come for three days to peruse 4,000 product lines from 600 commercial exhibitors, and learn the latest in agricultural production. The educational programs feature Ohio State and Purdue specialists and are second to none in the agricultural exhibition world.

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  5. Upcoming Trade Shows

    Interested in checking out Tarpstop at one of the Tradeshows coming up? We have two shows on the horizon. This August 16th - 18th you can visit us right in our own backyard out in Bowling Green at the National Tractor Pulling Championship. You can find us there on the NorthEast side near the grandstands.

    One show not enough, don't worry we'll be at another one as well. From August 23rd through the 25th, Tarpstop can also be seen in Dallas at the Great American Truck Show. We'll be showcasing our new 'Fastrak Evolution'. Stop by booth #3009 and check out everything we have going on. 

    While at the Great American Truck Show we will be running an amazing contest for a FREE DUMP BODY FLIP SYSTEM and you can now have a chance to enter. Simply enter your Name, Email and Phone number and Voila, you have a chance to win a free Tarpstop Dump Body Flip System shipped to you for FREE. This will only be going on for a limited time so don't hesitate. 


    Interested in learning more about our FREE Flip System promotion? Simply click on the link above and learn more.

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  6. Preventative Maintenance for Your Fastrak

    With all the worries about your cargo on the road it’s easy to forget that tarp maintenance is something that can save you tons of money. With just a little extra time spent making sure that your system is being utilized correctly, you can save tons not only in down time but also in money.

    The first and probably most important step in preventative maintenance for the Fastrak system is making sure the tarp system is tight when it is closed. A loose tarp will flail in the wind which can cause tears and wind burn to the tarp material itself. Driving with a loose system can also possibly lead to damage in the infrastructure of the system such as broken bow corners which can make it difficult to roll the system open and closed.

    Second, when tightening the system you want to make sure the tarp is tight, however the tarp system should stop a couple inches short of the rear track stops. If the rear of the system comes into contact with the rear track stops, it could be a sign that the tarp is too long or has been stretched out and needs to be altered or cut down.

    If you are ever unsure if your tarp is tight enough or concerned about over tightening use a Torque Crank. The Torque Crank will click when the system is at the correct tightness allowing you to tighten your tarp system without any worry. Tarpstop has a Torque Crank available for purchase.

    Interested in learning more about either our Fastrak system or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs?
    Call one of the below locations today.
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  7. Truckers and Presidents Day

    Owner-Operators have always been a number of things from risk takers, entrepreneurs to even farmers.  What is not as well known is many of these traits are shared by some of our most beloved presidents as well. 

    The History of Presidents Day
    Presidents’ Day was established in 1885 to honor George Washington and is still officially called "Washington's Birthday" by the federal government! Celebrated the third Monday in every February, it traditionally is celebrated on February 22 Washington’s actual birthday. The holiday became popularly known as Presidents’ Day after it was moved as part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act, an attempt to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers. While several states still have individual holidays honoring the birthdays of Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other figures, Presidents’ Day is now popularly viewed as a day to celebrate all U.S. presidents past and present.

    Presidents and Truckers....More alike then you Know!
    They are always furthering their education: James Madison was Princeton University's first graduate student

    They get creative nicknames: Zachary Taylor's nickname was "old rough and ready"

    They never shy away from a good drink: Andrew Johnson was reportedly drunk during his Inauguration

    They break the law: Ulysses S. Grant received a speeding ticket...on a horse!

    They gamble: Warren Harding lost the White House china in a poker game

    Some came from humble beginnings: Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer

    Interested in learning more about either our Fastrak system or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs?
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  8. Need Financing? Find out at MATS!

    Coming next month in March is the Mid American Truck Show the 22nd through the 24th. With a variety of things that we will be showing, one of the great new aspects that we will be promoting at the show this year is being able to check out your financing options immediately at the show.

    We want to help by making it easier than ever to acquire a Fastrak® Rolling Tarp System. We have worked with our resources to provide a weekly financing option of $164.99* a week or less for well qualified customers with approved financing. We work with a locally owned financing company who understands the business and specializes in transportation equipment. You can even outfit your trailer with cargo control, boxes, ramp kits, and customized graphics and roll that into the financing if you choose.

    * The $164.99 weekly payment example is based on total amount financed of $13,750 for 24 months. That amount would buy a standard height 48’ Fastrak installed and includes a man door in the bulkhead. Payments will vary based on options and equipment added to the deal, chosen term and down payment if any, and credit approval. Perfect credit is not required. Apply today for quick answers!

    Interested in learning more about either our Fastrak system or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs? Call one of the below locations today.
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  9. Keeping Your Cab Clean

    With drivers spending so much of their time on the road, the cab of their truck becomes a second home to them. That's why keeping it clean is always a top priority for so many. With so much being done in such a small space like eating and drinking, sometimes garbage and dirt can sneak it's way into these areas. That's why we wanted to spend just a few minutes on simple DIY ways to keep your cab clean while not going out of your way from your regular routine.

    When thinking of cleaning, most likely images of windex, towels, or even scrubbers come to mind. But it doesn't have to be that difficult. Sometimes the simplest items can work wonders. Baby wipes are commonly within a quick reach of new fathers, and can disinfect most surfaces. Arm yourself with the right materials and keeping your cab clean will be a cinch.

    No matter how we try, sometimes we don't have a spot for garbage while on the road. There is a quick and dirty way to take care of this problem. Re-use plastic bags for garbage bags. Although not the most effective sometimes, a keenly placed plastic bag can save you from small pieces of paper, wrappers and other small items that start to accumulate in the cab as you travel. Another item that can save you the time of cleaning are floor mats or liners. With a wide array from paper all the way to thermo-plastic they can keep the floor of your cab clean without much care.

    Interested in learning more about either our Fastrak system or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs?

    Call one of the below locations today.

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  10. How to Stretch the Life of Your Tarp

    We always care about getting you the right tarping system for your flatbed. However, once chosen not many think about how best to keep their system from wearing down or even becoming damaged. Luckily there are some simple tips and tricks on how to keep your system in tip top shape as well as certain things to avoid.


    • Keep your system tight at all times when traveling.
    • Keep the track clean and free of debris.
    • Keeping your tarping system clean can increase the longevity of the tarp.
    • When tightening A-Frames, only tension one side 1/2 way before you latch and tighten the other. When both sides are tensioned, return to the first side and tension the rest of the way.


    • Never use the track as a cargo tie down point.
    • Never acid wash the the tarp. Wipe the tarp with acids or solvents.
    • Do not lubricate the wheels or bearings as they are sealed and can attract dust.
    • Do not take tension off of the A-frames without the safety pin installed.

    Should these trouble shooting tips not work for you, please call & speak to a representative. We will do our best to help you over the phone or schedule you for an appointment for repairs. Your Fastrak II is warranted for 2 years front to back against defects.

    Feel free to stop by one of our locations anytime for a free inspection.

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