When trucking for a living, the winter months can not only be the most dangerous but also be the most hazardous for your tarping system. In order to alleviate any possible issues you might face on the road, we thought we would put together this little list for you to help stretch the life of your tarp during these months.

Ways to Extend Your Tarp Life through the Winter

1.) Keep Snow off the Top
One of the worst things for a system is while driving in the winter, snow can accumulate at the top. To reduce the stress this puts on the system make sure to brush off the snow on the top with a sweeper or anything similar to keep the weight off.
2.) Proper Tension
When tightening A-Frames, tension one side no more than 1/2 way before you latch and tighten the other side. Once 2nd side is completely tensioned, return to side you started with and tension the rest of the way.
3.) Keep the Track Clean of all Snow and Debris
Although the tarp and bows are important, equally as important are the wheels to the system. By keeping the track clean and not allowing random pieces to get into it, you should get continual ease of use for opening and closing the system.

Remember, although these months can be hazardous to your system they don't have to be. With the proper protection and maintenance your system can be a trusted ally to help you earn more money. Although these are only a few items, below is a downloadable 'Upkeep and Troubleshooting' pdf to help you with any other questions you might have. 

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