Recently the company Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. stopped into the Perrysburg, OH location to get an installation for a new stepdeck rolling tarp system. Although the usual turnaround time can be between 6-8  days depending on accessories, Gulfstream had a critical deadline to be met. With this in mind, our team jumped into action to push this work through so Gulfstream could meet its critical timeline.


One of our sales team members, Kent Keck worked diligently with both ER Trailers and coordinated with our fabrication team to get the stepdeck system installed in just four days. He further communicated with Matt from Gulfstream on his off time to let him know when the trailer was finally picked up and on the road.

"I wanted to reach out and say thank you to Tarp Stop and take a moment to recognize Kent Keck's professionalism, commitment, and follow-through pertaining to a tarp system your folks just installed on our new trailer... The trailer arrived yesterday, we loaded it, and it is on its way to make its first stop on schedule. Thank you to you're and your team for their hard work. I choose Tarpstop for this reason because your team exceeded my expectations at every turn."

- Matt Lewis - Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.


At one of our most recent 'Fun Friday's' this stellar thank-you was read aloud to the cheers of our employee's. It was this mentality that embodied much of what we believe here at Tarpstop. The 'Running through Walls' motto is at the core of how we approach every customer and job here and why we continue to act this way for all our customers. 

For more information about Gulfstream Aerospace Corpl click on the link to their website: