Taking into account what you need for a job before you start is a great way to guarantee success. Below are a few things to think about to ensure your hauls are successful.

Having the Proper Tools:
The first thing to consider when on a job is your equipment. What is the right vehicle to haul your cargo? What are the best materials to secure your cargo? Chains, binders, lumber, coil racks, and steel edge protectors work for steel tie-downs. Straps (winch or ratchet), winches, winch bars, and plastic edge protectors work for all other cargo.  Bungee straps are used for tarped loads.

Once you have determined whether you will needs straps or chains, ensure that you have an adequate amount to secure the load safely and properly according to regulations. Edge guards and protectors are a great way to minimize the risk of damaging your cargo as well as securing straps and chains, so always make sure you have enough for the job at hand.

Safety First:
Safety is the most important aspect of any job, whether you’re loading, transporting or unloading. Follow all safety regulations. Make sure your straps and other equipment is not damaged or frayed. This increases the risk of material malfunction. When securing your load, check to make sure it is done properly so no one near it can be injured during loading, hauling or unloading, including you. Tarps and edge protectors can help minimize injury due to sharp edges. Make sure that your securement is strong enough to withstand wind, rain, and other elements when you’re on the road.

Planning ahead can save you money and help prevent things from going wrong. Having the proper securement equipment can minimize the risk of damaged product, which takes money out of your pocket. Securing your load properly reduces the chance for injuries and the need to re-secure your load, saving you time and money and getting you on the road and to your next stop more quickly.

Client needs:
When delivering to the client location, it’s important to make sure that you’re putting yourself and your company in the best light possible. This helps in continued or possibly expanded business with your client. Follow any requirements and specifications that your client may have for the load and how it is to be secured. Secure your load to ensure that there is no damage to their product. Load the cargo according to the planned unloading sequence.

These are a few things for you to consider when securing your cargo. Let us know in the comments some of the things you consider before your hauls.

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