Don't wait to save this month! Our yearly sale for December is running again. We will be running our 12 Days of Christmas Savings event which means 12 products are put on HUGE discount. Starting on December 14th through December 25th we will be putting up a new product on sale each day to help you save on all the products you need. This sale will be going on till January 12th so don't miss your chance to save. Below you can find what product is going up on each day or simply click the button below to check out all our savings. Don't miss your chance to save. 

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Dec 14 - Red Winch Strap for $11.99
Dec 15 - Excalibur Ratchet Strap for $12.99
Dec 16 - Coil Cuff for $124.99
Dec 17 - Import Steel Tarp for $230.99
Dec 18 - Ratchet Binder for $31.99
Dec 19 - Import Lumber Tarp for $325.99
Dec 20 - Sturdy-Lite Tool Box for $1,120.99
Dec 21 - Cab Rack for $2,150.99
Dec 22 - Import Transport Chain for $50.99
Dec 23 - NoFall Safety System for $3,000.99
Dec 24 - Step Ladder for $350.99
Dec 25 - Coil Lumber for $27.99

For the month of December, use coupon code Winter5 with any purchase and get 5% off your order. At Tarpstop, we're committed to providing innovative solutions for our valued customers while offering you the best industry experience and the systems and services to keep America covered. 

Twelve Days of Christmas sale