how to fix a tarp

  1. How to Stretch the Life of Your Tarp

    We always care about getting you the right tarping system for your flatbed. However, once chosen not many think about how best to keep their system from wearing down or even becoming damaged. Luckily there are some simple tips and tricks on how to keep your system in tip top shape as well as certain things to avoid.


    • Keep your system tight at all times when traveling.
    • Keep the track clean and free of debris.
    • Keeping your tarping system clean can increase the longevity of the tarp.
    • When tightening A-Frames, only tension one side 1/2 way before you latch and tighten the other. When both sides are tensioned, return to the first side and tension the rest of the way.


    • Never use the track as a cargo tie down point.
    • Never acid wash the the tarp. Wipe the tarp with acids or solvents.
    • Do not lubricate the wheels or bearings as they are sealed and can attract dust.
    • Do not take tension off of the A-frames without the safety pin installed.

    Should these trouble shooting tips not work for you, please call & speak to a representative. We will do our best to help you over the phone or schedule you for an appointment for repairs. Your Fastrak II is warranted for 2 years front to back against defects.

    Feel free to stop by one of our locations anytime for a free inspection.

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  2. How to Fix a Tarp

    Anyone who flatbed's knows that when tarping your system one of your main concerns once you have your cargo secured and covered by your tarp, is how long will that tarp last without getting punctured or worn down. Even the most experience flat-bedder knows that sometimes an unknown piece of road debris, an unseen piece of what your hauling or just plain weather can wear down the tarp.  Luckily here at Tarpstop, we have seen a lot of this and want to help those on the road who can't bring there rig in for whatever reason whether time or location.  

    Any tarp repair begins with reviewing the damage and seeing if it is a quick fix or something more. Minor tears can be repaired using tarp tape or vinyl glue. Damage that is more substantial will require a patch with either a strong glue or a stitched repair. Damage to seams always requires the strongest repair methods in order to prevent the damage reoccurring. Below are just a few Tips and Tricks on the best tools and ways to repair your tarp on the go.

    Always keep a grommet repair kit close at hand or in the glove box. It's easy on the road to quickly re-outfit some of your grommets to make sure that what you are covering is safe and secure.

     When patching your own tarp use a tarp repair kit. It is an excellent tool to patch small tears. It sometimes works best if you get to lay the tarp flat while repairing. Sometimes it helps to rub it with a round roller but if you don't have one that is fine.

    When using glue

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