1. Preventative Maintenance for Your Fastrak

    With all the worries about your cargo on the road it’s easy to forget that tarp maintenance is something that can save you tons of money. With just a little extra time spent making sure that your system is being utilized correctly, you can save tons not only in down time but also in money.

    The first and probably most important step in preventative maintenance for the Fastrak system is making sure the tarp system is tight when it is closed. A loose tarp will flail in the wind which can cause tears and wind burn to the tarp material itself. Driving with a loose system can also possibly lead to damage in the infrastructure of the system such as broken bow corners which can make it difficult to roll the system open and closed.

    Second, when tightening the system you want to make sure the tarp is tight, however the tarp system should stop a couple inches short of the rear track stops. If the rear of the system comes into contact with the rear track stops, it could be a sign that the tarp is too long or has been stretched out and needs to be altered or cut down.

    If you are ever unsure if your tarp is tight enough or concerned about over tightening use a Torque Crank. The Torque Crank will click when the system is at the correct tightness allowing you to tighten your tarp system without any worry. Tarpstop has a Torque Crank available for purchase.

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  2. Keeping Your Cab Clean

    With drivers spending so much of their time on the road, the cab of their truck becomes a second home to them. That's why keeping it clean is always a top priority for so many. With so much being done in such a small space like eating and drinking, sometimes garbage and dirt can sneak it's way into these areas. That's why we wanted to spend just a few minutes on simple DIY ways to keep your cab clean while not going out of your way from your regular routine.

    When thinking of cleaning, most likely images of windex, towels, or even scrubbers come to mind. But it doesn't have to be that difficult. Sometimes the simplest items can work wonders. Baby wipes are commonly within a quick reach of new fathers, and can disinfect most surfaces. Arm yourself with the right materials and keeping your cab clean will be a cinch.

    No matter how we try, sometimes we don't have a spot for garbage while on the road. There is a quick and dirty way to take care of this problem. Re-use plastic bags for garbage bags. Although not the most effective sometimes, a keenly placed plastic bag can save you from small pieces of paper, wrappers and other small items that start to accumulate in the cab as you travel. Another item that can save you the time of cleaning are floor mats or liners. With a wide array from paper all the way to thermo-plastic they can keep the floor of your cab clean without much care.

    Interested in learning more about either our Fastrak system or how we can help you with your Cargo Control needs?

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