1. Why Military Experience Lends Itself to the Trucking Industry

    Most military veterans looking to transition into civilian jobs often look for similar environments to what they are used to. One area that they know very well is safety. This is why trucking companies have an enduring commitment to safety. The personal qualities and life skills obtained from military training make veterans among the safest and most sought-after drivers on the road.

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  2. GravyTrain Stops Back in to Tarpstop

    In 2008 GravyTrain Express purchased it's first Fastrak I system. Now in 2020 they are going strong with their all new Fastrak II. They're continually on the road hauling all types of freight. Gravy Train is the type of transportation company that will help another driver secure their load or assist where needed. Owner Marvin Smith started the company, and after years of excellent service and a good reputation, Marvin's son took over. Rick Smith

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  3. When to choose a cable or flip system?

    Are you in construction or landscaping? Have you been unsure which tarp system might be the best for the different types of jobs or hauls you might be pulling? Let's take a moment to cover these questions since we've started to find many operators asking, "Is there a better system out there for me?"

    Cable or Flip, What's the Right Choice?
    If you are hauling asphalt, it's almost

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  4. What to Know about your tarp

    Flatbed trucking is a huge industry in America, and it can also be a dangerous one. When tarping a load, it is extremely important to know about the tarps you use to save you money in the long run.

    Storing Tarps Properly
    Tarps can deteriorate quickly if they begin to accumulate rips or tears. If not mended, they can lead to

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    America is in the beginning phases of opening up and getting back to work. From factories large and small, they are finding ways to get businesses back to normal. 

    As things have been moving in that direction, President Trump has unveiled Guidelines for Opening Up America Again. This will be a three-phased approach, based on the advice of public

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  6. How to Help Truckers During a Controlled Recession

    While the coronavirus is affecting businesses from small to large, one industry that's coming together to keep things moving is trucking. From large companies to one-person owner-operators, everyone is finding a way to get supplies to the companies that need them. It is during this time when many truck stops have shut down and restaurants have closed that we need to focus on how to help our drivers the most.

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  7. A Quick Interview with Velocity One

    Several years back, a customer of ours, Jeni Genskow of Velocity One Transport, provided some great feedback. She covered the topics of what made her choose Tarpstop and why it was a better fit than some of the other competitors out there. We circled back with her to see how the coronavirus has effected her business and ask about things she's noticing during the pandemic.

    "My business model has

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  8. MATS IS cancelled, your savings are not!

    This year the Mid-American Truck Show has been canceled due to public health measures put in place to protect our citizens from the coronavirus. Tarpstop knows that many of you attend the truck show to see what's new, reconnect, and take advantage of the promotions that happen only once a year. Our team has decided to do something unprecedented for Tarpstop. We've decided to allow all our customers to take advantage of these

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  9. COVID-19 and you

    Dear Valued Customer,

    While the entire world continues to navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to assure you that in this time of crisis we are still committed to serving you.  At Tarpstop, we want you to know that we are taking COVID-19 recommended guidelines seriously, and we have implemented the following

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  10. When to Upgrade Your System

    Sometimes it's tough to know when it's time to make the investment into yourself and get a tarping system that is designed to help you make more money. With so many new truckers coming onto the scene there are so many questions they may ask themselves but this one is a common one. We would like to help with some of the questions that circle that topic.


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