When choosing the right system for you, it can sometimes seem like a daunting experience. If you are an owner operator thinking of getting a system to make flatbedding easier than we always suggest our Fastrak II system. As time has gone on though we wanted to make the more seasoned drivers lives easier as well.

When looking at the differences between the Fastrak II and the Fastrak RTS they can be subtle but those differences make the job of hauling your load drastically easier.

Fastrak II
- Untension by walking to the rear and opening
- Easy to open and close system
- Driver tensions the system

Fastrak RTS
- Untension by remote or at the bulkhead
- Makes the fastrak II an even easier to open and close
- System 'auto' tensions to not over or under tension

These are a few things for you to consider when securing your cargo. Let us know in the comments some of the things you consider before your hauls.

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