As we move towards the last few months of the year, the supply chain issues that drivers, businesses, and customers have had to deal with all year don’t look to be going away anytime soon. But is help on the way? On August 27, the White House and U.S. Department of Transportation appointed John Porcari to the newly formed Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force. Porcari will serve as Port Envoy in his new role. Formed in June 2021, the task force was created to provide a federal response to ongoing supply challenges due to recent events such as the pandemic, rising shipping costs, driver shortage, and the economic recovery. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, FMCSA Deputy Administrator Meera Joshi, and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh met with representatives of the trucking industry to discuss driver retention and supply chain issues. Porcari will work with Buttigieg, Department of Transportation officials, and the National Economic Council to address congestion at our ports, backlogs, delivery delays, and product shortages. The new envoy will have to get started quickly as the 2021 Holiday season is approaching fast.

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