Are you in construction or landscaping? Have you been unsure which tarp system might be the best for the different types of jobs or hauls you might be pulling? Let's take a moment to cover these questions since we've started to find many operators asking, "Is there a better system out there for me?"

Cable or Flip, What's the Right Choice?
If you are hauling asphalt, it's almost a given the best system for you is a Cable System. The bows, combined with the tarp, provide a very well designed and watertight system for hauling heavy loads. If you're handling landscape, dirt, sand, or gravel, then the Flip System is your clear choice!

Some of the best types of tarps to use with the flip system are the mesh tarps. They allow for ease of use while keeping you on the go quickly. These are more for smaller types of dump bodies that usually are less than 24' long. The only thing to remember is that these tarps are not waterproof, so if that is something you may require, it might be better to go with a Cable System.

What Are Some of the Differences
There are many subtle and not so subtle differences between the two systems, but there are 2 HUGE ones to consider. The Flip System is a very 'quick' and 'easy' system to use. You can throw landscaping tools, supplies and additional items in, cover it, and quickly get on the road. The cable system is a very 'maintenance-heavy' system and meant more for demolition, road construction and general containment when weather conditions are not a concern. 

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