Are you a long-haul operator and considering the ease of service while on the road? Can repairs be made by any tarp or trailer shop? How about those covered by warranty; can you get the work done on the road or do you have to return to the manufacturing facility?

Retractable Tarping Systems are made to last up to 10 years, but will require service over that time. The biggest question to ask yourself is, “How quickly will repairs be made?" Here at Tarpstop, our motto "Running Through Walls" was created out of our intense passion for keeping truck drivers on the road and making money. We have service partners across the US ready to provide service and support for your load coverage and securement needs.

One thing every operator should do is wipe down the rail every time they have loaded. Keeping the track clean can save tons in the long run in replaced wheels and bearings. Drivers should also inspect the system for loosened connections and regularly replace rail protectors. Any rips or tears should be duct-taped immediately and taken in for proper repairs as soon as possible, before the damage gets worse.

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