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  1. Cab Racks Are More Than A Stylish Add On

    While driving down the road some drivers may want their cab rack to stick out, others prefer to use them for what they are known for. There is nothing wrong with using cab racks to spruce up the drivers cab. But the cab racks or 'headache racks' do have multiple purposes. 

    Why Cab Racks?

    Many cab racks not only designed to make your cab look "stylish" but are also there make it easier to organize and store equipment. On our site, we have a few different styles of cab racks to choose from. Ranging from cab racks with a window, to racks with trays and chain holders, a three door smooth enclosure, and more. From the outside, our cab racks are more than just a choice of style. These particular cab racks provide excellent strength and functionality when it comes to hauling your cargo. 

    "Headache Racks"

    Ever wonder why cab racks are sometimes considered "headache racks"? Well, imagine driving down the road and all of the sudden you come across a sudden hard stop. Since the equipment on the cab rack was prevented from breaking through your cab window. But imagine if you did not have a cab rack on the back of your cab. Cargo and heavy equipment could burst through the back of your cab and injure you. Causing quite a headache! Maybe that is where they got the idea of the name, "Headache Racks". Maybe that's how cab racks got its nickname.

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  2. Organize Your Headboard

    Veteran truck drivers have picked up quite a few tips and tricks for organizing their headboards. These truckers hold some of the best kept secrets in the industry! Today, I'll share a few of them with you, and if you implement these ideas it can save you time and money. We all want a safer, more enjoyable ride, don't we?

    One of the most effective things we can focus on is your headboard options. Most of our customers are aware that we offer a man door or front access in our Fastrak bulkhead, but some may not know that we can customize to make the headboard a valuable and productive part of your retractable system.

    One of the most overlooked but often requested options is additional storage, and we have provided an overhead tray which can hold straps, bungees, or a multitude of additional items. At one glance, you'll know exactly what you have on hand, and what you'll need for the next load.

    On both sides are chain and binder racks; this keeps everything organized and accessible for quick and easy access. In addition, we provide dunnage rack storage making the entire headboard optimized for your convenience.

    These options do make a difference, especially when keeping valuable equipment out of the weather or preventing theft is important.

    There is always a need for more storage and additional equipment for the professional trucker. Many of you go the extra mile every day to keep America running, safe, and productive. This is the least we could do to assist with your logistics

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